Foudyl is a multidimensional digital creator.
surfing with advanced expertise in digital fractal 3D, editing, compositing, visual effects, 3Dmodeling.
As talentuous musician he is compositor, and mainly guitar player,  and plays piano, drums, bass, or crystal bowl and shamanic drum  😉

Trailer of the new 2020 Long movie for giant screens, domes and digital theaters.

ReXxel Beauty , the movie is a consciousnes journey to discover other universes, only high vibes universes.
not alike some compilation of curated artists to build movies, ReXxel Beauty is channeled, downloaded, by Foudyl in a coherent unique and unseen images and dynamic movie.
ReXxel Beauty is sustain by a story with the new elements of the matter, the new geometries, as a deep understanding of the universes.
Watching these beautiful scenes open the mind for new possibilities, new consciousness about what we believe we perceive.

Beyond 2D and 3D physicists are seeking for visual architecture of the matter at the planck scale. 
Foudyl has done it as a performance with fractals that allow much more rich information to understand the very fabric of the matter.
ReXxel Cube is the most advanced representation of the Dna og the Matter.