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New sacred geometry

ReXxel Beauty, The Rx Dimension

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Trailer 2020

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Multidimensional videos are designed to enhance BEAUTY,
to expand your consciousness, and activate your imagination

AVAILABLE for Giant screens, domes, concerts, theaters, special events.

An amazing story
discovering other universes, other colors, other worlds

Digital Fractal Movie maker

An Amazing Full movie about Beauty journey through Universe, with only Digital ReXxel art.

ReXxel Virtual
multidimensional meditation

Surrender to wellness, in a safe and beautiful vibes and shapes with the ReXxel Multidimensional Meditations
A mesmerizing moment and unique experience on the most beautiful places in the world

Digital Visionary Art

Looking for only creation and new, rebel exploration of shapes, colors, movements, sequences that produce Beauty

Digital Sculptures

Looking for only creation and new, rebel exploration of shapes, colors, movements, sequences that produce Beauty
Modelisation and 3D printing to reveal new performances with the matter and the vacuum, making alive quantum physics concepts.

Vibratory Paintings

Direct vibe through the matter as an unique happening  with colors and frequencies.

Painting dimensions are 1m x 1m mixing acrylic technics and everything creative like phosphorescent material, metallic powder,…

New generation of 
Sacred geometry

Foudyl is at the origin of many new Sacred Geometry, with a constant unique vision of playing and inventing for new.

His discoveries will be soon available on a book 

Beauty is the gate to Consciousness

what about being in connection ?

Meeting Foudyl

Foudyl is a multicreative professional of digital art and high consciousness explorer.
As a result of multidimensionality coherence, Foudyl is a quantum field explorer, picking up back all the useful light downloads to express them in the matter through mesmerizing particular and original videos.

Film director, designer, compositer, musician, painter, photograph, programmer, Object and jewelry designer and producer, 3D and fractal art designer, special effects,…

Foudyl gets his inspiration and influence from quantum physics, nutrition, yoga, reiki shamballa, history of art and civilisations.
Previously Foudyl was CEO of Amanager web agency, providing semantic web expertise, digital content libraries software, websites  design, and marketing.

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Being in Connection